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About the FILM

Lai Chi-wai (黎志偉), a winner of many international climbing championships was ranked eighth in the world. Lai promising athletic career seemed to be over on the fateful day of 9 December 2011 when he was paralysed in a devastating traffic accident. At the time of the accident, his wife was 7 months pregnant, and subsequently he hit rock bottom.

Lai, wheelchair bound, was fuelled with determination and resolve not to allow his handicap to dictate what he can do with his life. On the fifth anniversary of the accident, Lai vowed to haul himself and his wheelchair to the top of Hong Kong's Lion Rock Mountain, using only his arm strength. He named his mission to climb the emblematic mountain "CRUX", and his friends came to help him fulfil this seemingly impossible task.

The director documented this Herculean task in order for us to reflect on the nature of adversity. Being physical handicapped does not limit us in the ways we often believe it can, The power of transformation is innate in humans, Lai’s courage is a testament to this. With perseverance and dedication, there’s always the possibility for people to triumph over adversities.

The film is titled 結CRUX, meaning connection or a knot. This Chinese character 結is often associated with the notion of crux: unity, the binding of relationships, connections and feelings of being preoccupied with melancholy. Crux is a term that describes the most challenging point in climbing and mountaineering.



● 「癥結」、「團結」、「結緣」、「連結」及「心結」的意思;

● CRUX 源於攀岩術語,寓意深遠,指攀爬路線中最艱難的關頭,成敗的癥結所在。










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